Book about the Short Stirling W7471 and her crew on 7 June 1942 and the commemorative panel

The work of the SMAMF is special…and certainly is to the crew, posthumously, and to their families and descendants from now on. When I knew that the organisation were planning the panel I decided that I wanted to make for myself a book about it all… so I decided to use an online ‘create a book’ site and chose ‘Blurb’.

It has taken quite a while because I’ve spent time gathering together the information and the photos and building up the contents as I went along. However, I realised that if any of the other families of the crew members also want one then it’s all there online waiting to be ordered.

If anyone else is interested… here is the link so you can have a look at it.

The story of Short Stirling W.7471 MG-J and her crew

By Gill Chesney-Green

“>The Story of Short Stirling W7471 and her crew

Stirling  MG-J Winter 1941 or 1942

Mk 1 Short Stirling MG-J (W.7471) Winter 1941/2 at Oakington, home of 7 Squadron

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