Meandering through time

It is here that I want to move away from the family tree in order of birth or century… and just write about people from my tree in random order.

I might move from the 20th century to the 17th century… just because the whim takes me and because I’m interested in that person or persons for a while.
My mother was a Tebb… and the family originally hailed from Yorkshire. The earliest Tebb I can find on the family line is William who was born in Kirby Wiske in aobut 1736 and was baptised there on 3 March 1736. I can’t find out anything about him, as yet, but he married a Margaret Brown on 1 Jan 1772 in Thirsk and the couple went on to have 8 children.

st_marys, Thirsk

William and Margaret were my 5th Great Grandparents and their third child, George, was my 4th G Grandfather.

William died in Boroughbridge, Yorkshire and I believe he’d been a shoe-maker. He was buried on 13 Jan 1825 in Boroughbridge. Reaching the age of 89 was some feat of longevity back in those days according to popular opinion… and he must have been seen as fairly unusual in his village, I would think. Whether on not he was able to work until he was so elderly is another matter… we don’t know if his eyesight was failing, whether he was riddled with arthritis or rheumatism or even if he became deaf.

Apparently, according to the birth of their children they lived much of their lives in Aldborough. However, when he was 68 in 1798 he paid 5 pence Land Tax and later, in 1822 when he was 86 he was in the Gazetteer named as a boot and shoe-maker. He outlived two of his children: Mary who was both born and died in 1785 and, probably even more distressing, his son, Christopher, died in 1820 athe age of 45.

Although I can’t find evidence of Margaret’s burial – but I get the feeling that William outlived her.


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