About me

I am a former schoolteacher who taught in the UK… and during my last couple of years teaching I got bitten by the ‘genealogy bug’!  I’m going to cover some of the interesting folk in this ‘blog’ plus some of the useful things I’ve found out on my journey back through time.

Mostly I’ve used two websites for my research – ‘Ancestry’ and ‘Find My Past’ which have been extraordinarily useful to my quest. However, prior to 1837 and the start of the census in the UK I have relied a great deal on the IGI registers created and maintained by the Mormons.

‘Ancestry’ has proved useful for searching and for maintaining a tree online (now private) and being able to contact and be contacted by various folk who have a link to me and who have helped to fill out my tree in some cases. I’ve obtained a photograph of some of my paternal great great grandparents – what an amazing moment to be able to see them and to gaze, almost in a daze, to absorb their features having never seen them before!

‘Find my past’ is great for more accurate census transcriptions and for easier searches and I’ve been able to see and make copies of various documents pertaining to the vital records of some of my forbears.

Another useful site is ‘Lost Cousins’ maintained by Peter Calder… and he writes the most amazing Newsletters every fortnight – which are all eagerly awaited. His site is predicated on the idea that the census reference numbers are always constant even if the transcriptions are not and it is these that are used for contacting ‘lost cousins’ that we never knew existed.  It’s a site I recommend to everyone who I know is interested in genealogy.


2 Responses to About me

  1. kel4302 says:

    Great website, great research.
    Kelvin http://aircrewremembered.com

    • charts2012 says:

      Thanks, Kelvin… I just realised that I’d sent information to you that I’d already sent earlier today. There’s quite a lot about dad on this site… I keep coming back to him.

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