March by Moonlight – a new book

A friend of mine, Barry Love, recently had his father’s WWII memoirs published in a book titled ‘March by Moonlight’ – a volume I’ve only just finished reading.

March by Moonlight Barry Love

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Jack Love, the author, was also in 7 Squadron like my dad and during an operation to Mannheim in which their Wellington was fatally damaged they had to crash-land in France. Later the author ended up in Stalag Luft III and on to Heydekrug, Thorn and Fallingbostel.

I thoroughly enjoyed this book as the author’s experiences as a POW often mirror those of my dad’s experiences in the same camps. The style is relaxed and easy but there’s a wealth of detail of his own experience. At times I laughed out loud because of some of the antics of the POWs and their efforts to disrupt the ‘Goons’ and their systems to implement various procedures just to count them! There were lots of humorous moments – as well as moments of sorrow.

What is certainly amazing is the experiences of the crew as they travelled under the light of the moon through France on their way to Switzerland – the welcome and help they received from some French families was incredible and very heart-warming.

It’s accounts like these that help us to understand the experiences and survival tactics of these brave men. The author’s son part-wrote a chapter at the end of the book explaining what happened to some of the other crew members. Well worth a read and I thoroughly recommend it.


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2 Responses to March by Moonlight – a new book

  1. chmjr2 says:

    I just this book on my Amazon wish list. Maybe someone in the family will get it for a Christmas gift.

  2. charts2012 says:

    I can thoroughly recommend it….it kept me enthralled all the way through. Hope you get it!!

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