2015 8 Nov… Bomber Command Memorial

Facebook is often reviled for its endless ‘selfies’ and pictures of cats… but it’s a fact that without Facebook I’d not now be in contact with some amazing people… some are old friends from yesteryear who have tracked me down and some are members of my extended family who were previously unknown to me.

There are some, however, who I’ve met as a result of using the site and whose interests coincide with my own…music, crafts (I occasionally knit in a small way) and, as a result of dad’s book and my growing interest in Bomber Command, especially, and POWs in various Stalag Lufts in which dad was held.

It is in this last category that I’ve ‘met’ some wonderful and dedicated folk… from Britain and Holland especially… who work tirelessly to ensure the memory of those in Bomber Command and other servicemen is not forgotten.

Last night one of these friends, Lorraine Brown, contacted me and offered to take a photo of dad and a poppy and small cross down to the Bomber Command Memorial in London…I was so touched by her thoughtfulness.

Her father, Vernon Smith, was a rear gunner also in 7 Squadron on Stirlings and, presumably Lancasters, and so there is a connection between them. She placed both sets of poppies and photographs along with the crosses at the base of the statue and I’m sure had a quiet moment of reflection remembering her father and, perhaps, dad. They were lucky… they survived to experience life and have a family… 55,573 weren’t able to do that!

Remembrance of two old warriors... Vernon Smith and Bill Goodman...7 Squadron Bomber Command

Remembrance of two old warriors… Vernon Smith and Bill Goodman…7 Squadron Bomber Command

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