Dad’s Service Records – Sheet 2

The second sheet sent showing dad's service record.... again lots of code and some unreadable sections.

The second sheet sent showing dad’s service record…. again lots of code and some unreadable sections.

This is the second of the Record Sheets… on the left side

22 Aug 1940 he went to Uxbridge for Initial Recruit Training

27 Aug 1940 he was at Blackpool presumably IRT

11 Oct 1940 he was at the Operational Training Unit – Lossiemouth

12 Dec 1940 he was at the Recruits Centre – Wireless Training, Blackpool

21 Mar 1941 he was at Yatesbury, Wiltshire – Wireless Training

5 July 1941 he was at Bircham Newton, Norfolk

26 Jul 1941 he was at Stormy Down, South Wales – gunnery school

23 Aug 1941 he was at Lossiemouth OTU – crewing up

31 Oct 1941 7 Squadron, Oakington

6 Jun 1942 Missing POW

War Casualty Accounts Department

8 Aug 1945 – Personnel Recreation Centre

Permanent Commission (offered?)

4 Oct 1945 – School of Technical Training

21 Jan 1946 – School of Technical Training

29 Sep 1947 – Personnel Dispatch Centre – Release

On the right hand side:

Covers Wireless Operator/Air Gunner details with dates, perhaps to show his completion of various parts of the courses… very difficult to read.

Finally, on the far right, it shows that he was a Sergeant on 31 Dec 1941, Warrant Officer on a date I can’t read and another entry that I can’t read either. His character in all three columns is given as VG… very good, I should think.

In the bottom section:

22 Aug 1940 Aircraftsman 2nd class

16 Aug 1941 T/Sgt – which may be training sergeant with Sgt. written below.

1 May 1943 –  T/F Sgt (whilst he was a POW)

1 Nov 1942 – 1 Nov 1943 – looks like ‘Security from T/WO’

26 Jan 1946 – AC1 – can’t find the explanation for this

1 Feb 1946 – unreadable entry

1 May 1947 – Leading Aircraftsman /Aircraft Hand with some undecipherable codes.

After the war dad was back at Blackpool at RAF Weeton. While there he was sent on to do the Driving Course but was also Acting Adjutant of Number 2 Wing. He was there until he was de-mobbed and married my mother.

I’ve been able to sort out places he was located by reference to his book… so I’m fairly confident that they are right. There’s nothing surprising here… but it’s interesting to see how everyone’s service history must have been logged over time.

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