Hearing about a Stalag Luft III diary and contact from Errol Green’s daughter!!!!

On this blog I had a message from a wonderful chap, in his eighties, from Hassle in Yorkshire…. he asked if I’d get in touch with him and naturally, very curious, I did.  He asked for my phone number and he rang me mid afternoon. I’m so pleased that I did respond because he was such an interesting man and very much into the local history of Hassle. He has a friend, a widow, whose former husband was in the RAF and who was shot down and sent to Stalag Luft III and who was also somewhat involved with the tunnels. The chap in question had written a diary about his experiences and his observations of life in the camp. I don’t know whether I’ll be allowed to see and read any of it because there are some very personal sections of the diary… but I think it’s wonderful that this diary still exists. The man, who is called Pat, is also going to send copies of some other material that he’s got… can’t wait until it arrives… so watch this space!!

As a result of talking to him I suggested some websites that he might find interesting and got a list of them and their links ready to send to him via email. On one of those websites – The Wartime Memories Project – is a page for 7 Squadron and in the list of names of former aircrew I saw the name Errol Green… definitely a name I remember from dad’s book!!! At the bottom of the entry was a link to contact via email… so I naturally clicked and contacted the person named.  I’ll not give the lady’s name but she’s the daughter of Errol Green and she sounded wonderful. Errol died four years before my own father died, sadly.  I think it rather ironic that she and I, in these days of the internet, have been in contact and that our fathers may not have been since those far off days!

I often wondered what the folks mentioned in dad’s book looked like… and now… I CAN put a face to the name as she sent me a photo from when he was in the RAAF… brilliant! Wasn’t he a handsome man?

Flight Lieutenant Errol Green - RAAF

Flight Lieutenant Errol Green – RAAF

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