A suicide in one of the POW camps…

I’ve been remembering something that my father told me when I was younger… although I don’t know in which camp/Stalag it occurred. Dad was in the following camps: Stalag III, Heydekrug, Thorn and Fallingbostel.

Someone had been sent into solitary (or a prison cell)

Cover of book

Cover of book

for some transgression or other… it was serious. This man managed to get word out that he feared he would ‘break’ under questioning and wished to have the means to ‘do away’ with himself.

Apparently, the POWs had both poison and a gun that they could smuggle in to him. Dad said that these had been somehow acquired from the German guards as I was amazed at the information.

I seem to remember that the gun was smuggled in and that he was able to commit suicide… although I’m not absolutely sure of this.

Does anyone else know about this event?

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