Bomber Command Clasp, Lancasters and New Arrivals!

The other day I found out that dad had been awarded his ‘Bomber Command’ clasp… posthumously…and I’ll see it when I’m back in England. Wonderful that it’s now arrived.

He’d have been so pleased to receive it and it’s such a shame that so few veterans are now alive to receive them personally…but good that their efforts have, at long last, been recognised! 

It’s good to know that, during this month, too, the Canadian Lancaster ‘Vera’ has joined our own ‘Thumper’ and that they’re gracing the skies over England giving the chance for those who lived through the war to remember those times and for youngsters and their parents to pay their respects to these ‘wonderful old ladies’. It’s been so heart-warming to watch the recordings of amateurs and professionals who have been able to witness a piece of history in our skies celebrating not just the War but the airmen, the ground crew, the designers and builders and…so important… the hard won peace that followed!

And now… the new arrival! Little Ciara Lily… my great granddaughter came into the world on 1st August 2014. Ciara Lily SeymourShe doesn’t know that so many are remembering, celebrating and marveling at what was once ‘cutting edge’ technology, she doesn’t know of the many who fought so that she could be born in a free country… she’s just content in her mother’s arms. And that’s how it should be.

Welcome Ciara August 2014 is certainly a special month for you and the family!Lara, Molly, Gill and baby Ciara Lily.

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