On this day 1942 … shot down and taken into captivity!

Of Stirlings and Stalags: an air-gunner's tale.... the story of dad's wartime experiences

Of Stirlings and Stalags: an air-gunner’s tale…. the story of dad’s wartime experiences

On this day, 7 June 1942, Dad was shot down by a twin-engined Messerschmitt 110 night fighter in the early hours. They’d been on an operation to Emden but Oblt. Ludwig Becker had seen them and shot at them from below. The damage was considerable and they had to bale out:

“Jack called from the rear turret that he had a momentary glimpse of another aircraft he was not able to identify which had suddenly appeared from beneath the line of the horizon. Neither the mid-upper gunner nor anyone else had seen it, but we had great faith in Jack’s excellent eyesight. It was not seen again, but we were suddenly shaken by the impact of cannon shells striking into the starboard (right) wing which burst into flame. The shells had damaged the throttle and other controls to both of our starboard engines and the starboard aileron as well as the bomb doors on that side. Those wing bays contained 250 pound phosphorus bombs! ”

They’d come down not far from Blija, a little town in the area of Friesland… and after an aborted evasion attempt… were taken to the Dulag and onwards to Stalag Luft III.

Read about it in his book: ‘Of Stirlings and Stalags: an air-gunner’s tale’ available from Amazon and Lulu Publishers.

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