April – Fallingbostel POW camp -The start of the long march for dad

It was during April that dad started the ‘long march’ from Fallingbostel POW camp:
“It was early in the morning of 6th April l945 when a party of about 500 of us were called out and issued with a small amount of black bread plus some processed meat, rather like brawn, which I did not like, and little more and marched away towards the east.  We all dragged our heels as much as possible and the gua…rds tried to hasten us along, but without much enthusiasm. It did not take long for them to realise we had no intention of hastening, especially as there were some amongst us who were physically incapable, and our speed was to be that of the slowest.”
It was to be a physically hard and sometimes extremely dangerous time and he writes about it all in his book.
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