A faulty compass prevented the bombing of Rostock for dad’s operation

Looking at the flight log for 25 Apr 1942 I read:

A.136 ROSTOCK Returned early. Compass U/S. Dropped 18x 250

Safe in Wash. Brought 6×250 back.

So… yet another night when some sort of malfunction prevented the completion of their operation to the intended target. Although dad was very fond of the Stirling and called it a ‘gentleman’ it has to be said that the plane did seem to suffer from malfunctions quite frequently.

Their plane W.7471 was one of those delivered between March 1941 and February 1942… I believe that it was delivered in March because it wasn’t in service apparently until March of ’42 when the number appears in the 7 Squadron’s records.

They had taken off at 22-23 and returned at 00-44 and the crew on that night were:

F/O N.L.Tayler DFC

P/O Haywood

Sgt. Green W.

P/O Travis

Sgt. Goodman

“    DE Joux DFM

“ MacNamara




2nd Pilot







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