Contact made with son of one of aircrew shot down with dad!

I can tell I’m getting rather ‘long in the tooth’ when I get replies to emails sent out to folk who don’t know me… and I’m surprised! I have a sense, sometimes, that despite using technology such as computers for years that folk will have ceased to use that email address any more, or that they’ll view my email suspiciously and delete it. To be honest, I’m more inclined to think this when the recipient is a middle-aged person such as myself. Rather skewed thinking… I know!

I emailed an address passed to me by someone who researches Bomber Command, Rob Davis, – the son of the Wireless Operator, John Travis, who had contacted Rob in the recent past… and I was over the moon when I had a lovely response! I wrote back and told him something about the other contact I’d made with family of the RCAF member of the crew, Sgt. Frank Henigman(2nd pilot), and that I’d written to Ted Earngey’s son (RAAF Navigator). I hope they get back in touch again… and that they’ll be kind enough to send me a photo of P/O John Travis. I really want to be able to put faces to the names I have.

John Travis was also in Stalag III with dad, Ted and others in the crew and I’m hoping that he’ll have something to tell me about his father either during or after the war.

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