‘Of Stirlings and Stalags’ – dad’s book… and his birthday!

Cover of book

Cover of book

Rob Davis, who seems to be something of an expert on Bomber Command has read dad’s book and has commented on it very favourably… ‘I thought it was great and an excellent insight into his life’… which pleased me greatly. He sent me a list of other books in which information my dad had included was also in other books. Sometimes dad’s information was more extensive and in others their information was greater.

These books are worth mentioning here:
No Flight From The Cage (Younger, Calton) Star ISBN:0352308281
Moonless Night (James, B A “Jimmy”) Pen & Sword 2008 ISBN:085052900X
Silk and Barbed Wire (Walley, Brian (ed)) Sage Pages, Australia ISBN:0958596115
Bombs and Barbed Wire (Willatt, Geoffrey) ISBN:1898594163
Final Flight (Hartnell-Beavis, John) Merlin Books Ltd ISBN:0863032516
SAGE : The Man The Nazis Couldn’t Hold (Sage, Jerry) Miles Standish Press ISBN:0440075807
The Great Escape (Brickhill, Paul) Arrow ISBN:0099192026
Only Owls And Bloody Fools Fly At Night (Sawyer, Tom) Goodall Publications Ltd ISBN:0907579078
Wings Day (Smith, Sydney) Collins

I feel such a sense of pride in dad’s work… and today, 22 Apr, would have been his birthday, too, so I’m feeling rather sad that he can’t be here to see his work in print.

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