Hamburg bombing mission 1942

On this day in 1942 dad was Front Gunner on a different plane from their usual one…N.6073 … was it a Stirling? They were on a raid to Hamburg, along with another 172 others. However, as had happened in the past on occasions, the plane developed engine trouble. As the log book showed – A.133 HAMBURG 24×250 Incends.
S.I. Engine trouble. Primary abandoned and bombs jettisoned.

They took off at 00-12 and arrived back at 04-25.

The crew on this operation were:
P/O N.L.Tayler – captain
W/O Black J.M. – 2nd pilot
Sgt. Green E.H. – Navigator
P/O F.J. Travin – Wireless Op.
Sgt. Goodman W.E. – Front gunner
Sgt. DE Joux N.E. – Rear gunner
Sgt. MacNamara G.J = Engineer

I wonder how they felt? Were they disappointed because of the trouble they’d had with the plane… or relieved because they got back safely and were therefore able to fight another day? Who knows… this is the sort of question that I’ll never be able to ask him now.

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