Of Stirlings and Stalags – looking at the sales figures

I was rather staggered to see how many copies had been downloaded on the two Amazon sites… and it’s just the early morning of the second day of the free promotion. The ranking of the book overall is #1,378 in the Free Kindle store and #2 in the Military section! Wow… that seems very high!

Two good feedback comments and ratings have already been posted on the UK site… plus a comment on the Amazon forum linking in from ‘Lost Cousins’ site directing people to the ‘Self-publishing’ article I’d written for Peter Calver on his site’s Newsletter…http://lostcousins.com/newsletters/latemar13news.htm

On the Amazon forums I’ve seen lots of posts who decry the giving away of books… but, for me, it was an exercise to find out the size of the potential audience and as of 8-47am in Gibraltar I see that 203 have been downloaded to date. Now, I’ll admit to being a bit of a Pollyanna in all this but I estimate that the total potential audience for this type of book may be in the region of 10,000 books. (This takes account of the fact that many won’t read it… they dowloaded it because it was free!) Of the ones who will read it… the military/RAF/WWII enthusiast… perhaps they’ll pass on the word to others and sales of the book could reach 500/800 by the end of the year… maybe more!

We’ll have to see… I’m probably wildly out in my estimations.  This is not something I’ve ever done before… and it’s a steep learning curve to go through the process of editing, publishing and then promoting the book and I’m a total novice!

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