Ex- POW Questionnaire

Ex- POW Questionnaire

The relief of being able to fill in one of these forms sometime upon arrival back to Blighty must have been palpable… not only to the ex-POWs themselves but to their families who for years heard little of their husbands or sons.

This is my dad’s form and I was amazed when I first saw it … his handwriting hadn’t altered from that time to his final years! It provides a stark reminder of where he was during the time of his captivity… moved from one camp to another until the final one at Fallingbostel where conditions were awful and food in scarce supply!

For those wondering where I obtained this record… they are available from the National Archives…. a2a (Access to Archives) section.

I’d like to be able to give advice about how to use the site but I find it very difficult to navigate through it and finding things like this and the flying operations of his squadron were very difficult and I more or less stumbled upon them. Maybe others will have more luck in navigating the site than I do!

It’s a good site for all that, though,… I’ve been able to pay for and download quite a lot of interesting material on my quest for family history information… wills, old apprenticeship information and the flying operations of my dad’s squadron as mentioned earlier.

Check out the site… it’s got lots of interesting documents and information within its internet archives.

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