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Dutchman, Hille Oppedijk, a great help with dad’s pre-POW history in WWII

In 1995 a Dutchman, Hille Oppedijk, was trying to trace the airmen (or relatives) a the Stirling bomber that had been shot down in 1942 near to Blija, Holland. Eventually, word got through to my dad and he contacted Hille, … Continue reading

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Hydrangeas and Hollyhocks – two grandmothers

Stepping out of her wash-house clutching a handful of rusty nails… she scuttled over to the hydrangea bushes and scattered them around the base of each. ‘That’ll keep them blue,’ she said with quiet satisfaction, beaming as she looked around … Continue reading

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April – Fallingbostel POW camp -The start of the long march for dad

It was during April that dad started the ‘long march’ from Fallingbostel POW camp:   “It was early in the morning of 6th April l945 when a party of about 500 of us were called out and issued with a … Continue reading

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Dad would have been 91 today… but we have memories and his memoirs

It seems like yesterday that we had news of his death and here it is 11 years later! He was determined that he wouldn’t go into a home… ‘The government aren’t getting my money!’ and he stuck to his word. … Continue reading

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Before the peace was shattered by WWII

This photo must have been taken when dad was about 13/14 years old, perhaps in 1935/6 – when his world was relatively care free and people could enjoy themselves without any of the fear they felt a few years later … Continue reading

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The ‘meanest man in England’?

From dad’s book – Of Stirlings and Stalags: an air-gunner’s tale “One special friend of mine was another wireless operator, Tommy Bentham.  He was one of those rescued from that plane which went over the embankment, and he had … Continue reading

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A faulty compass prevented the bombing of Rostock for dad’s operation

Looking at the flight log for 25 Apr 1942 I read: A.136 ROSTOCK Returned early. Compass U/S. Dropped 18x 250 Safe in Wash. Brought 6×250 back. So… yet another night when some sort of malfunction prevented the completion of their operation … Continue reading

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