Grandad in ‘the Suicide Squad’!

According to my dad his father was in the Machine Gun Corps and eventually attained the rank of Sgt. Major. In my dad’s words, ” they were to the fore in major actions, or bearing the brunt of spirited offensives against our lines.  Whilst a Sergeant he received the congratulations of Major General C.E. Pereira, CB, CMG, Commanding 2nd Division on his “Splendid leadership and example to those under him.

I’ll put a photo in a separate posting – can’t seem to insert any photographs!

I don’t remember my grandfather too well – although I do remember that because I was thin as a child he used to tell me to eat standing up so that the food wouldn’t get broken up as it went ’round the corners’. He used to make noises with his hands… and tell me that it was like fish talking. I remember liking him and also remember that he was a rather rotund man.

He’d worked in a boot and shoe shop G&W Morton… first in Shrewsbury, where he was born in 1892 and then he was moved to Maidstone, Kent where he met my grandmother. Fate clearly took a hand and brought them together! At some point between my father’s birth in 1922 and his brother’s birth in 1924 they moved to Carlisle, Cumbria where he was running the branch there. However, they moved back down to Maidstone in about 1938/9 and stayed there throughout their lives. Grandad died in 1958 and Grandma in 1978.

I think that the branch sold ‘K’ shoes… and this suited my grandmother as she’d got very narrow feet…AAA fitting, I gather. They often visited his parents in Shrewsbury and presumably my grandmother’s parents, who were nearby in Maidstone, they must have seen on a regular basis.

I’m going to try and find out some more of what Grandad did in the war… I’ll have to start researching this aspect of his life.


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