Wow… the book has gone live!!!

I’m still reeling a little from having a book up there on Amazon… and I didn’t even write it… although I acted as midwife in many ways.

There’s so much to do and think about once it’s ‘up there’! Making sure that IBAN and BEC numbers are in place so that any money that does accrue does reach my bank account. I’d never even heard of those things before… still it’s a learning curve.

Now, too, I’ve started to ‘market’ the book… haha! Currently that involves emailing friends and family, emailing websites/web-masters with whom I’ve already had contact and told them that my dad’s memoirs are available to buy.

I’ve spread it over FB like a rash and I’m building Twitter friends/followers based on  shared interests such as WWII and Family History. It’s now day 5 and it’s sold 4 copies… haha! From little acorns… etc.

I’m aware that I’ve not written on here for some time because I’ve been so busy… but I’ll give myself a few days and bounce back… currently I’m feeling a little ‘washed-out’ and that could also partly be due to the fact that we’ve had a burst pipe (in a warm climate!?) and as we have a flat the folk downstairs and down again have been rather inundated, I’m afraid!  Still the insurance man has been round and we’re hoping to be able to bathe again tomorrow!

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