A second proof needed!!!

Oh dear! I was possibly in too much of a hurry at first and I realised that I’d missed some details from the tables at the back of the book detailing more of my dad’s flying ops. Then I found some more punctuation errors! Grrrr!

So… after attending to these matters I sent my final version of the MS and the tables at the back to David Morrison at Publish Nation: http://www.publishnation.co.uk/ Lucky for me he seems to be a very patient man!

I decided that I’d proof read the book always from front to back, with the probable result that I was getting tired by the time I reached the back… so my final proof read was from the back to the front! Cunning plan! I just hope that I’ve got everything… I’d hate to have to send for a 3rd proof and thus delay the  publication date.

One or two of my friends have declared that they want a copy… so I’ll probably get them in the UK and bring them back with me so that the postage costs are not more than the book itself! Anyway… the 2nd proof copy will be delivered to the UK address so I’ll check it while I’m there and, hopefully, it’ll be ‘ready to roll’ !!

Meanwhile, I’ve been reading two accounts of the US servicemen’s experiences of the war and have seen a website/blog for a chap called Alan Birley Bateman… some of which chimes with my own father’s experiences. A great blog and also on WordPress! http://alanbirleybateman.wordpress.com/ – a great read!!

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