An even longer wait!

I wondered when the proof copy would arrive so emailed David Morrison, the man at Publish Nation. I wasn’t expecting the reply I received… the printer (Lulu) hadn’t accepted my payment and could I re-order with a different card! I don’t know what happened but I tried again… with a new addition to the book, a reference to the National Archives.

This time I used Paypal and everything seemed to go well… fingers crossed!

It’s strange that now the delay has happened I’m not as excited about the whole thing…and it reminds me of when my mother used to tell my sister and I that we’d be going to get some new shoes the following weekend. We used to be so excited… but as the days drew on our excitement seemed to wane so that when the day actually arrived our excitement didn’t surface until we actually arrived at the shop to buy the new sandals or winter shoes… and then it was full steam ahead! We only had two pairs of shoes a year in those days… money was tight and that’s just the way it was with nearly everyone I knew.

So… now I wait with equanimity until the proof copy actually arrives… and I expect my excitement to be renewed!

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2 Responses to An even longer wait!

  1. gpcox says:

    This kind of waiting must be gruesome?!

  2. charts2012 says:

    Haha! Well I don’t know about gruesome… but I really wanted to get it published and waiting for the proof copy was like sitting on top of a hot stove. However, now that the book is out and folk (on the UK site, at least) have written such lovely comments about it… just proves that the waiting was worth it.

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