The long wait!

Now that I’m waiting for the proof copy of the book the days seem to pass more slowly… not surprising, I suppose! It’s been ordered but has to be delivered to Gibraltar – which is going to slow things considerably. I’ve already realised that there are things that I could add… but that’s fine. It’s getting the punctuation and grammar right that’s the most important.

I decided to design the cover myself… although I don’t know if I’ve done the right thing, to be honest. However – we’ll see if that IS a bar to sales – I can always change it, if necessary.

I’ll not say too much about dad’s war time exploits… I’d rather leave that to his own words in his book. I wonder, though, if other people get so nervous about readying a book for the public… and I’ve not even written it! (Except for an introduction and a few notes scattered within its pages!)

I’ve just read a book about another chap’s exploits… he was an American airman… and his son decided to write the narrative in the third person. It worked well. He included both his parents in the title and the narrative. It was a good read and was written in an easy style. What I enjoyed was being able to read about the author’s visits to England and Sagan (to the site of the former Stalag Luft III) and he was clearly moved to have followed in his father’s footsteps… it brought the narrative to a very satisfactory conclusion, I felt. One day, I think I’d like to go to the places my father was shot down, Stalag Luft III and to the other places he was incarcerated… I wonder now how it would feel to step on the same soil!

The book mentioned can be obtained from Amazon… as an ebook only at the moment.

It is called ‘Ray and Ami’ and written by Michael S. Woodworth.

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