Billl Goodman – retired

Bill retired in 1980 because of having had two heart attacks. He was sorry to leave the force because he’d wanted to complete his 30 years. However, it was not to be.

He later became involved with various organisations: Sale Rugby Club, The Pathfinders Club (airforce based), Seven Squadron (with whom he was based in Oakington during the war) and the Caminada Society (a society for former police officers in Manchester).

This photo was taken in about the late 1990s – he’d been involved in a car accident having had another heart attack at the wheel of his car. Luckily no-one was injured! However, an off-duty officer he’d previously trained at Longsight was fortunately at hand and Bill was given first aid until an ambulance arrived.

This photograph is one that was used by the Manchester Evening News when they reported the incident and he was also on the local television news for the north-west.William Edward Goodman

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2 Responses to Billl Goodman – retired

  1. gpcox says:

    A good looking and upstanding gentleman.

    • charts2012 says:

      Thank you… I think so, too. But I’m rather biased. Thank you for taking the time to read it all… I’ll have to think about shorter chunks of information, I think.

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